Our Sustainable future...

After being raised in an environmentally aware family with his dad’s role as the Assistant Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Seth Streeter has been an inspired volunteer to numerous environmental non-profits over a 20 year timeframe. In this work, Seth repeatedly observed missed opportunities for cooperation and integration across organizations and their well-intentioned programs and supporters.  

In 2016, Seth began to express this opportunity to local environmental and community leaders and a unifying movement called SustainSB was formed. Throughout 2017, a community of nearly 100 stakeholders passionately worked together to create an impactful and scalable model to promote sustainability campaigns. These individuals represented businesses, non-profits, government, activism and academia and 50 of them participated in a day long design sprint to define our mission.

The design sprint resulted in identifying 24 key performance indicators, unique to Santa Barbara County, across six broad categories including; Food, Energy, Waste/Consumption, Transportation, Water and Land/Built Environment. To make progress across these indicators with effective community engagement, we needed a technology platform that was backed by behavioral science and is customizable, scalable, mobile, and has the ability to provide analytics that measure success. After much exploration, including building our own, we found that partner. WeSpire, based in Boston, MA, has an award-winning technology platform with over 300 tried-and-true positive impact campaigns that will serve as the foundation for our community building efforts. 

In 2018, in response to the devastating natural disasters with the Thomas fire and Montecito mudslides, we changed our name to SustainableFuture.org. This name gives us the ability to expand our sustainability focus to include community resiliency and personal well-being campaigns while also having relevancy beyond the City of Santa Barbara. With our growing team and with WeSpire as our partner, we will begin our public launch in May, 2018. Our goal is to enroll 10,000 active members throughout Santa Barbara County by 2020 via one or more of the 5 verticals they associate with: businesses, schools, public employees, faith-based organizations and non-profits. Research indicates that people are motivated towards behavior change if it is supported by their peer group, involving gamification and other positive social reinforcement strategies.  

SustainableFuture.org is an impact-making organization designed to align and empower Santa Barbara County to become a leading sustainable city for the world to follow.

Example campaigns:

  • Easy Ways to be Water Wise (water conservation)

  • Go Plastic Free for One Month (reduction of single use plastics)

  • End Food Waste